How to increase appetite to increase body weight

Loss of appetite can have a serious impact on health, especially if you are experiencing underweight. To overcome this problem, you can increase your appetite by starting to choose food intake and adjust your daily diet. Loss of appetite can be caused by various factors, such as anxiety, depression, or side effects of using certain drugs. If you continually lose your appetite, until your weight is always less than ideal and never rises, your confidence can decrease and the risk of health problems will increase. Pay Attention to Everyday Diet One way to increase appetite and increase body weight is to pay attention to your daily diet. Below are some things that must be considered in regulating daily eating patterns: Never leave breakfast Breakfast with a healthy menu can help increase appetite and weight. Breakfast can trigger the effects of thermogenesis in the body, so you can burn more calories in a day. The more calories you burn, the greater your appetite. Prepare favo
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